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Portage police detained two Illinois men on Sunday. One of them was found tampering with a vehicle behind a barbed wire fence. Another man was arrested after the attack on a house in New Chicago, while the third man is still at large.
Many experts and city leaders believe that a key part of New York City’s economic recovery from the pandemic will be the return of office workers and tourists to Manhattan. As officials seek to ensure this recovery, they increasingly seek to remove the homeless from the streets of the borough.
The U.S. Congressional Police Committee notified members of Congress and staff on Wednesday that the remaining fence around the Capitol will be demolished as early as Friday.
The big picture: After the deadly rebellion on January 6, the fence was in place when a group of Trump supporters stormed into the building. According to the Associated Press, Congressional police removed the outer fence in March, but there are still signs of the inner fence that the area is closed to the public.
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